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The summary of Master's scholarship 硕士奖学金汇总

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Scholarship Ⅰproblem solving

         Master's Scholarships (Chinese/English)
18、Master 1+2 years, English and Chinese. Don't HSK4. English: HSK free, Chinese basic. Free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $281 / month. Visual communication design, radio and TELEVISION choreographer, music performance (piano, violin, vocal music), product design, environment design, animation design. English: Music performance (piano, violin, vocal music), design. Service charges range from $782 to $938. Asian countries.
19、Master of Science CSC scholarship. Chinese HSK4/ English. Free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $469 / month for 12 months/year. Various branches of law, philosophy, computer science and technology, artificial intelligence, aviation manufacturing, management science and engineering, information engineering, the Chinese language and literature, English language and literature, journalism, Chinese history, software engineering, visual communication design, environmental design, pharmaceutical engineering, chemistry, physics, political economics, agricultural economics, tourism development and management, logistics engineering, transportation, New energy science, iron and steel metallurgy, mining engineering, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, mechanical engineering, geological engineering, geodesy, business management, psychology, grass, facilities horticulture, horticulture, zoology, veterinary medicine, entomology, crop genetics, enterprise management, the world economy, food science and engineering, education, education management, music, dance performances, sports training Martial Arts, Biological Sciences, Ecology, Geographic Information, English, Arabic, Journalism, Advertising, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Medical Sciences, Immunology. Service charge is negotiable.
20、Master 3 years, English. First-class scholarship: free tuition and dormitory fee. Get a living allowance of $230 / month. Physics, mechanics, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, ship structure, underwater acoustic engineering, instrument science and technology, material science, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, municipal engineering, changes in temperature, protective engineering, bridge engineering, engineering management, hydrology, hydraulics, hydraulic structure engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, port engineering, roads, railway engineering, traffic information engineering, and transportation Transportation, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Energy Chemistry, Biological Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Pharmacy, Design, Economics, Law. The service charge is $770.
21、Master, doctor, Chinese HSK4. Clinical medicine (cardiovascular, digestive, neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, endocrinology, gynecology), public health. Full scholarship: free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $188 / month. The service charge is $938.
22、Master, Chinese and English. Free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $94 / month. Major: Education (subject), Biology, Botany, Agricultural Resources, Public Health, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Clothing Design, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Technology, Software Engineering, Electronic Information, Art Design, Textile Science, Civil Engineering. International Business, Public Administration, Applied Economics, Social Security, Administration, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Design, Botany, Zoology, Food Engineering, Agricultural Technology (all subjects), Microbiology, Biochemistry, Tourism Management, World Economy, Finance, Accounting, Law (all subjects). The service fee is $703 and the entry fee is $94.
23、Master of Medicine, English. Free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $94 / month. Pediatrics, physiology, human anatomy, immune, pathogen biology, skin disease and venereal disease, pathology, radiology, imaging and nuclear medicine, forensic and medical technology, medical humanities, medical information, neurology, medicine, biochemistry, reproductive medicine, internal medicine, ophthalmic, otolaryngology, anesthesia, tumor, inspection diagnosis, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, critical care, emergency treatment and nursing. The service fee is $703 and the entry fee is $94.
24、Master, doctor, English. Free tuition and dormitory fee. You get $266 a month for living expenses. Business management, international trade, sociology, civil engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, computer technology, information and communication engineering, engineering mechanics, material engineering, surveying and mapping, geological engineering, maps, the geographic information, hydrology and water resources, hydraulic structure engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, port engineering, agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering. Service charge: $859.
25、Master, English. Environmental engineering. First prize: free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $157 / month. Second prize: free tuition and dormitory fee. Service charges range from $625 to $781.
26、Master, English. Environmental engineering. First prize: free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $157 / month. Second prize: free tuition and dormitory fee. Service charges range from $625 to $781.
27、Master, doctor. Chinese HSK4: Free tuition, free dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $157 / month. Biological Engineering, Electrical Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Technology and Equipment, Food Engineering, Biochemistry, Garden Technology, Animal Feeding, Plant Cultivation, Agriculture, Economics and Management, Software Engineering, Pharmacy, Biology and Medicine, Information Technology, Resources and Environment, Animal Physiology, Water Conservancy Engineering.
If you do not have HSK4, you apply for admission in February, learn Chinese and get HSK4 (free tuition and dormitory fee). The service charge is $781.
28、Master 3 years. In both Chinese and English. Tuition is free and dormitory fee is $625 / year. You get a stipend of $2,500 per year, annual review. English: Materials, optoelectronic and information materials, pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology and pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, business management, information management, transportation, rail transit engineering, intelligent transportation, food biotechnology, synthetic biology technology, vehicle engineering, engineering thermal physics, rock mass engineering geological and geotechnical engineering, applied linguistics, heating gas air conditioning, light Electrical engineering materials, nano-photon. English: public safety, structural engineering, chemical hazard detection, fire safety, wastewater treatment, waste disposal, pollution prevention, space geodesy, photogrammetry and remote sensing, geographic information, control engineering, testing and automation, intelligent systems, systems engineering, high voltage and insulation, electric power and automation, mechanical and automation. The service charge is $703.
29、Master, 2 years in English. Free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $313 / month. Major: Chinese Studies (Chinese economy, Chinese culture, Chinese law, Chinese politics), family bank deposit certificate (seal), English teaching certificate of original school is required. The applicant is of any major. The service charge is $782. Entry fee is $125.
30、Master 3 years. Chinese and English. Free tuition, free dorm, you get a stipend of $391 / month. English majors: Law (majors), Computer Application Technology, Power Engineering, Energy and Power, Oil and Gas Engineering, Materials and Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Safety Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering. English: Mechanical Engineering, Rail Transit, Power Engineering, Control Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Art design, Business Administration, Microelectronics. The service charge is $1,250.
31、Master 2 or 3 years, English. First prize: free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $266 / month. Second prize: free tuition and dormitory fee. Management science and engineering, forest management, wildlife, ornamental plant and horticulture, botany, soil and water conservation, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, biological chemical, biomass energy technology, machinery manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical engineering, control science and engineering, electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, business management, economics and management of agriculture and forestry, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, municipal political work Engineering, Civil Surveying and Information Technology, Road and Railway Engineering, Software Engineering, Physical Electronics, Design, Fermentation Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Transportation Planning and Management, New Chemical Materials, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Microbiology, Genetics, Ecological Engineering, Economics. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize will be evaluated every year. Service charges range from $469 to $781.
32、Master 3 years, English/Chinese HSK4 score above 220. First-class scholarship: free tuition and dormitory fee. You get an allowance of $234 / month. Second-class scholarship: free tuition and dormitory fee. English: Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Business Administration, Chinese-English Translation, Fine Arts, Dance, Art Design, Literature and Art, Cultural Communication, Chinese Literature, Law, Public Administration, Aviation Science. Chinese/English: Each family medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, internal medicine, son, and ear, nose, eye, mouth, reproductive, forensic, anesthesia, spirit, prevention, emergency treatment, intensive, inspection, bone, tumor, aging, radiation), pharmaceutical, microbial, biological medicine, immunology, statistics, surveying and mapping, geological, metallurgical, computer science and technology, electronic science and technology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering . Service charges range from $391 to $938. The entry fee is $79.

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