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 About us

Obvious team characteristics
We are the elder overseas Chinese experts, a group made of overseas Chinese leaders and young and middle-age teachers in universities and high schools. Depending on rich experience and the channel for education of around the country, we are competent for each Chinese and foreign collaborative business. We also have a group of part-timers who are the language experts and the specialized talents, we have the cooperative agencies in 23 countries.
Getting remarkable performance
In April 2013, Dr. Tan from the Jiangsu Vocational College of Economics and Trade successfully investigated the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council and from the beginning of completing the first recruitment of Indonesian students, we entered the international exchange and cooperation field of the university and successfully recruited overseas students and carried out international communication for six consecutive years. It has accumulatively recruited 2,238 students winning the different types of scholarship and 8 international cooperation exchange programs for 28 universities. Our footprints have spread across 39 countries. Our website has become the most influential scholarship website.
The relationship advantages abroad
The club and organizations of overseas Chinese have extended through out the world. The strategy of going out depends on over seas Chinese and we have a close cooperative relationship with them.
The channels to foreign institutions
We have established connections and cooperation with a batch of foreign institutions, and been familiar with the channels and methods for contact ad cooperation with foreign institutions, establishing channels depending on the requirement.
Cooperate with the practicing experts
We’ll not stop at consulting, planning and matchmaking, we are better at going to through out the world to complete the entrusted international communication and cooperation projects. We rely on word of mouth to unite more partners, and we’ll cooperate with Chinese and foreign universities and agencies through out the world by our sincere hart.
Show trade vision
International communication and international cooperation require foresight and timeliness. We will develop the model that suits you best, so that you can get three remarkable results of bring in, go out and produce.
Our goal of striving­­­­--- promote the internationalization and industrialization of Chinese university education
Let Chinese university high-quality resources benefit more friendly countries’ students
Each student set up countless bridges to connect China with the other countries.
团队特色明显   我们是年长的华侨工作专家、外国华人华侨领袖和中青年大中学校教师组成的团队,凭丰富的经验和各国教育渠道,胜任各项中外合作业务。我们还有一批兼职的人员,他们是语言专家和特种人才。我们在23个国家有合作的代理机构。
取得显著成绩  2013年4月从江苏经贸职业技术学院谭院长一行成功考察香港职业训练局,并完成首次招收印度尼西亚留学生开始,我们步入大学的国际<%2

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