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Suggestions for Application for 4-year University (Undergrad

Author: huihui Time:2020-02-16 14:01 Source:未知
In this paper:Suggestions for Application for 4-year University (Undergraduate) Scholarship Only a few scholarships are offered by four-year universities (undergraduates) in China, and only 35% of students can apply successfully. If you want to apply for...

Suggestions for Application for 4-year University (Undergraduate) Scholarship

     Only a few scholarships are offered by four-year universities (undergraduates) in China, and only 35% of students can apply successfully. If you want to apply for a full scholarship with monthly living expenses, the rate would be decreased to 5%. Most undergraduates admit once a year, and when you're not accepted, you lose a year's chance. Therefore, it's very important to master the application skills.
     The first thing you need to do is to choose a certain major. This will affect the employment and development of applicants in their lifetime. As we all know, there is nothing perfect in the world. When you need a scholarship badly, you should give up your favorite major and choose the scholarship. If you don't care about scholarships, you can stick to your favorite major.   
     We suggest you not choose liberal arts majors such as international trade, business administration, international Chinese education, etc. What we suggest are majors like information technology, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural and forestry engineering, transportation, mechanical and electrical engineering, etc. Because there are more scholarships for these majors and fewer applicants apply for them. Moreover, it is easier to apply for master's scholarship after graduation, which is more conducive to employment.

      Second, you need to make preparations for language. To apply for a scholarship to a four-year university in China, you need to have certain abilities of Chinese or English, because there is no language learning in the four-year courses. HSK4 certificate is required in Chinese and IELTS 5.5 or above is required in English(English-speaking countries are exempted from examination). If you do not have the above language certificate, you can only apply for three-year universities (You can refer to the advantages of three-year universities) or Chinese for 1 year.
      Thirdly,we will talk about the expectation of scholarship. Chinese universities have full scholarships, including tuition, dormitory and monthly living expenses. However, only 5% of applicants can get it, which means that if you only want a full scholarship, the possibility of not getting it is as high as 95%. You should change your mind to find and accept some partial scholarships. If you can get a four-year university scholarship that includes tuition and dormitory fees, this will be a very good opportunity. Some university scholarships only include tuition fees or most of the tuition fees, which is also a good opportunity. Because the number of applicants is increasing, which means there will be fewer opportunities next year.
      Finally, you are supposed to pay a deposit. Applying in website is convenient and fast, but some credit problems can not be ignored. For example, if we have successfully applied it for you and sent you the photos of the admission notice and the visa documents, then you say that you want to give up this opportunity, it will bring us a lot of trouble. Therefore, we charge a deposit of $100 or $300 to restrict everyone and understand the applicant's paying ability. We will give high quality scholarships to excellent and affordable people first. Those who can't pay the deposit can't get the full scholarship.



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