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Indian students look at China: there are no animals on the s

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In this paper:此文为印度尤迪-古普塔的第二篇日记,讲述他第一次踏入中国大连时的各种臆想、恐慌和感触。印度是一个男女关系相对封闭的社会,而中国却比较开放,处于青春期的尤迪自然对中国...

This article is the second diary of yudi gupta, India, about the various visions, fears and feelings of his first visit to dalian, China. India is a relatively closed society, while China is more open, and the adolescent yudi naturally has an infinite imagination for Chinese girls. In addition, he found that there were no animals on the dalian road, or even pedestrians, only cars, which caused him to panic when he was used to noisy scenes in new Delhi.
Poor English, they didn't teach the indians the real meaning of the yellow light. For the rest of the world, the yellow light means a deceleration, and for indians, the yellow light means speeding up, which could kill pedestrians at any time. Poor English, they didn't teach the indians the real meaning of the yellow light. For the rest of the world, the yellow light means a deceleration, and for indians, the yellow light means speeding up, which could kill pedestrians at any time.
"Finally I realized my dream"
Me: "my dream has come true". Finally the plane landed. I am very excited to leave India and enter the land of China. The airport is so beautiful, it's made in China. How did the Chinese teacher in the school teach us? By the way, "I finally realized my dream."
The brain (note: here's the Mind of the brain, the thinking of the Indian people, I (Self) is composed of three parts, including the heart (Soul), brain (Mind) and feel (since), the brain is the heart and feel the mediation, influenced by feeling and Soul, this article is the author in the dialogue with their brains most of the time) :
Yes, people eat a kind of uber-green egg on the plane, which doesn't look particularly elegant. And that strange smell is still wrapped around my clothes. Thankfully, the plane finally landed, and -- "you fulfilled your dream." Let's go and have a look.
On the plane
: I have a look at the TV screen, and the other girls told me it is Delhi university, those crazy Chinese girl walked on stage to a foreigner, in order to get a chance to date with him. Yes, the host was the same person, and the blunt bald man was old, wasn't he? (the host of the TV festival "if you are the one")
Brain: what do foreign men have? Look at these Chinese girls. They're both decent and generous. I'm thinking.
Me: what do you think, should I go to this TV show? Most Chinese men are relatively small. Maybe I am the tallest person in dalian. I think I should have a better chance. I just need to buy an iPhone first and hear that it's China's national machine.
Brain: well, maybe you can go to the bar. In new Delhi, your parents never allow you to go to any bar. It's not the same here. The Chinese girls will see you walk into the bar. They will jump with JustinBieber's baby, even though they don't know what it is.
You can attract them with your big eyes, long lashes, natural curls, and tall figures, and they will begin to embrace you and arm you with your strong arms. They will take out the "China machine" (iPhone) with a credit card and take a photo with you and show a "V" sign that god doesn't know. They will drink a lot of vodka, which is enough to spend your money, but half of them will end up spitting on the stage. Of course, one of them will invite you to her home.
Me: wow!!! I can't imagine that the last word will actually happen in real life. And then what? Go on, go on.
Brain: you will enter her home and ask where the bathroom is. You sit on the toilet, but don't lock the bathroom. She was so drunk that she voluntarily entered the bathroom. She has stripped off and put on a lingerie that is much more expensive than your shirt, jeans and belt. Her underwear was perfect for her small, slim figure, and the orange light set off her underwear like a fluttering flower, and the white cheeks were more ethereal.
You're sitting on the toilet, and she comes in and sits on your lap. She looked at your long crooked eyelids and touched the top of the top with her right hand, then blew a breath out of her mouth. Your hands are holding her slim, white waist, and then she begins to unbutton your buttons and is attracted by your chest hair, which looks like a lion's hair, and then...
Me: and then what? Don't stop, you moron.
Brain: you need an empty bottle with him next.
Me: why?
Brain: you say you want an empty bottle, that's all.
Me: and then?
Brain: she'll ask why you're doing this, and her hands are untying your shirt.
Me: and then?
Brain: you say you want to wash your ass. Then she said you two can take a shower for a while. Why now?
Me: and what should I say?
Brain: once again you say you want to clean your butt. Then she handed you a roll of toilet paper. You throw the toilet paper aside and ask her for an empty bottle again.
I: hurry up, I need to take her to bed.
The brain: you tell him you need to fill the bottle with water, then pour it on your ass and wash your butt with your left hand.
Because south asians have different habits, they wash their bottoms with water. Here the author writes this, just want to show the difference between Chinese and Indian culture, actually the life style is different, just the culture and the habit are different, there is no high and low. Just imagine, before the Chinese invented papermaking, what kind of toilet did humans use? And in South Asia, water can be washed more cleanly, and paper is not very sanitary. In addition, the climate in South Asia is so dry and habitual that it will soon be eliminated after using water as a toilet.
This is like South Asia, parts of southeast Asia and Africa where people eat with their hands, which is a different way of life. It is said that europeans used their hands to eat before the knife and fork became widespread. Therefore, the people who eat with chopsticks are actually a minority. In the eyes of those who do not use chopsticks, east asians are surprised to eat.
Brain: too late, stupid. (slap me in the face)
Brain: go get your baggage, stupid.
First impressions about China.
When I came out of dalian airport, I saw mountains and trees in front of me. It's amazing how all the trees look the same, the same height, the same color, even the same branches, aren't they fake? The weather is very comfortable. I think it's about 30 degrees centigrade. There were two girls from dalian who came to meet me at the airport, but I was sweating all over. I was really puzzled to know how comfortable the weather was in new Delhi. We got into an old Volkswagen and headed for the target.
Me: wow! There was no cow on the road. It's been half an hour since we got out of the airport, and there's not even a dog, a monkey, a goat, or a sheep. I suddenly felt very homesick for my hometown.
Brain: indeed, not even an elephant. Imagine how the locals would react to such a spectacle.
Me: yes, even I was a little surprised. Center street in new Delhi, at any time are likely to see an elephant swagger ground to walk in the middle of the road with other vehicles and passers-by Shared a way, everyone like defying the elephant.
The brain: as your mother said, they might take all the animals and eat them. Also, you see, even a car on the road tricycles (note: Rickshaw, India a manned manpower tricycle), tuk-tuks (note: Auto, one of India's manned three-wheeled motorcycle), or motorcycles, all have no, the traffic so far looks very good. I wonder if the people here are the same. When there is not enough space, what about the buses and trains? But I couldn't see the bus or the train.
The brain: look at the buildings here, all 30-40 stories tall, all glass (1070, -2.00, -0.19%). There are audi, BMW, Mercedes and land rover everywhere. They even have wal-mart and carrefour. Suddenly India feels like Africa, not Asia.
Me: you told me they wouldn't even run a red light? Really wow! Look at the people here, they see the yellow lights start to slow down.
The brain: poor English, they didn't teach the indians the real meaning of the yellow light. For the rest of the world, the yellow light means a deceleration, and for indians, the yellow light means speeding up, which could kill pedestrians at any time.
Me: look at that building. It looks like a shopping center. Oh, there are KFC and McDonald's, and pizza hut. Oh, my god, there's another Subway restaurant.
Brain: there is not much to worry about right now? At least you won't die of hunger. I guess at least these foods have similar standards around the world?
Me: yes, at least that French fries are made of potato, can't be Chinese? But one thing seems strange. All the buildings here look alike. Isn't that a little boring? It's all light grey and red, and it looks like the whole area is made up of the same color.
Brain: this is communism, my friend, communism. According to wikipedia, dalian was once controlled by the soviets, probably for this reason. When she invaded her, she became a little modern. After the war, the Chinese regained control of dalian, so dalian left a strong taste of communism. The soviets had vodka, and people here had something called baijiu. It is strange that they should drink this wine while eating, and then get drunk and be carried away after dinner.
Me: well, this place we're passing looks terrible. It's all gray buildings. At two o 'clock in the afternoon, there was nobody on the road. In new Delhi, you can even see the coach at this point in time. So the shop front is hung with plastic (9265, -10.00, -0.11%), and there is no English sign in any place. Look at those pesky communists, what are they doing to this place? Thankfully, this is not the case in India. I hope the whole of China is not like this, it has no color, I hope...
可怜的英国人,他们没有教给印度人黄灯的真正意义。对于世界其他地方,黄灯意味着减速,对于印度人,黄灯却意味着加快速度前进,这随时可能把行人撞死。  可怜的英国人,他们没有教给印度人黄灯的真正意义。对于世界其他地方,黄灯意味着减速,对于印度人,黄灯却意味着加快速度前进,这随时可能把行人撞死。
  大脑:看看这里的建筑,都是30-40层楼高,都是玻璃(1070, -2.00, -0.19%)外墙。到处都是奥迪、宝马[微博]、奔驰和路虎。他们甚至还有沃尔玛和家乐福。突然觉得印度像是属于非洲,而不是亚洲。
  我:唉,这个我们正在经过的地方看起来很恐怖,都是灰色的建筑物。在下午的2点钟,路上居然一个人都没有。在新德里,这个时间点你甚至还能看到马车呢。所以的店铺面前都挂着塑料(9265, -10.00, -0.11%)的帘子,而没有任何一个地方有英文标示。看看那些令人讨厌的共产主义者,他们到底对这个地方做了什么呢?谢天谢地,还好印度不是这样。我希望整个中国并不是这样的,这样的没有色彩,我希望……

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