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Kyrgyz students want to learn Chinese.吉尔吉斯斯坦学生

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In this paper:兰州大学2014级汉语国际教育硕士焦艳任教于吉尔吉斯斯坦国际大学已有两个月,除了完成规定教学任务,她还开设了剪纸、书法、太极拳和中国歌曲等文化体验课,受到该校大学生追捧...

Master of lanzhou university grade 2014 Chinese international education JiaoYan in kyrgyzstan international university for two months, in addition to the provisions of the teaching task, she also opened the paper cutting, calligraphy, tai chi and the Chinese songs, such as cultural experience lesson, by college students.
At the end of August 2015, the hanban selection, lanzhou university grade 2014 Chinese master degree of international education JiaoYan, Xu Dan, li beibei, Kong Juan 7 people in kyrgyzstan as a Chinese volunteer teachers. This is the first time that lanzhou university graduate students have organized a group to teach in kyrgyzstan.
"I am keenly aware of the important impact of Chinese skills on local student enrollment and employment." Li beibei in kyrgyzstan economic university, she told the China news agency reporters in writing, the university students are very hard to learn Chinese, only can in the future to study in China or get a better job.
Kyrgyzstan is located in central Asia and is one of the countries along the One Belt And One Road. In recent years, bilateral relations have been developing well and bilateral trade has been close. Many Chinese companies have entered kyrgyzstan to invest and prosper.
JiaoYan and li beibei is believed that in this context, kyrgyzstan's Chinese learning fever continued to heat up, with Chinese language skills of graduates becomes in the Chinese or from the university of kyrgyzstan, joint venture "beacon" in the recruitment.
"We have to talk to each other and communicate with each other." The volunteers wrote a new chapter in cultural exchange and Chinese promotion on the silk road with youth and ideal.
At present, there are three Confucius institutes and dozens of Confucius classrooms, and Chinese teaching points are spread across major cities.
The official kyrgyz language is kyrgyz and Russian. At the beginning of the day, teachers' life and work faced challenges due to the language barrier. The volunteers taught themselves Russian and kirkiz in their spare time and improved their intercultural communication skills.
"The country also has a Chinese dream, and the silk road has a long mind," which is the motto of this group of young people. They believe that Chinese international education still has a long way to go, with its own heart to illuminate the road ahead.
She teaches at the national law school in kyrgyzstan, with more than 60 students. The Chinese language course has been included in the college's final examination and credits. "It makes my sense of responsibility and mission more intense." She said.
The kyrgyz institute of foreign affairs has successfully held the "li bai poetry culture exhibition". The local students have been able to recite "the bright moonlight in front of the bed. Look at the bright moon and bend down to the hometown.
In kyrgyzstan, they are not alone. Distance and 40 kilometers from the capital city of bishkek tip gourd and zhuang township rich rice producing area is known as the "village", gansu province, home to a group of grandparents do people from China but so do dungans regions, their ethnic language is, but so do dungans dialect retains many ancient tradition of the northwest.
Teachers volunteers at lanzhou university say they can often feel the "Chinese nostalgia" of donggan people and feel the concern of "relatives" in the east.

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