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China - asean BBB 0 exchanges into the fast lane.中国-东盟教

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In this paper:中国和东盟国家山水相连,是好邻居、好朋友、好伙伴。近日在老挝万象举行的中国-东盟建立对话关系25周年纪念峰会上,中方强调,要以教育和旅游合作为优先方向,将人文交流合作...

China and asean countries are connected by mountains and rivers. They are good neighbors, good friends and good partners. Recently held in vientiane Laos China's 25th anniversary of china-asean dialogue relations of the summit, China emphasized that wants to be a priority to education and tourism cooperation, cultural exchanges and cooperation to build into the new relations between China and asean. Along with the continuous development of china-asean relations to deepen, the china-asean education exchanges and cooperation are set up for the people of both sides is intimate friends the bridge, for China and asean "diamond" ten years of cooperation of energy.
Students from both sides will break through "double 100,000"
September is the beginning of the school season, and Chen chunsheng from Vietnam's qinghua province is on his way to study in China. "Although it is the first time to go to China, the teachers of guangxi national normal university and my teacher in Vietnam have already docked. Well begun is half done, and I am confident that I will start studying abroad in China. "Chen said to our reporter.
While more and more asean students are studying in China, many Chinese students also choose to study in asean countries. Some universities in China that offer courses in the language and culture of asean countries also send students to the countries of the country for joint cultivation.
In Thailand, xie fangxin, from yunnan, China, is a junior at Chiang mai university, where she will study for 10 months. "The curriculum of the school is diversified and the humanities are the main ones. Studying in Thailand gives me a chance to learn and experience Thai culture at a close distance, which is very helpful for future employment." Xie fangxin told our reporter.
Chen chunsheng and xie fangxin are a microcosm of the two-way growth of china-asean education. According to the data, in 2015, there were 180,000 Chinese and asean students studying in asean, among which, the number of students from China to asean was more than 120, 000. According to the plan, by 2020, the number of chinese-asean foreign students will be more than 100,000.
In order to attract more outstanding students from asean countries to study in China, China is forming a third-level scholarship network for national, local and tertiary institutions. In addition to the scholarships offered by the Chinese government, the provinces of guizhou and guangxi also set up scholarships for students from asean countries and provide them with a good learning environment. In addition, some colleges and universities also offer preferential measures for students from asean countries.
"In view of the increasing frequency of education exchanges between the two sides, the plan to break the 'double 100,000' by the china-asean exchange students in 2020 is expected to be realized in advance." Yang xiuping, secretary-general of the china-asean center, expressed confidence.
The diamond decade has created a demand for diverse talents.
China established a dialogue relationship with asean in 1991 and promoted the dialogue to a strategic partnership in 2003. In 2013, the cooperation between China and asean entered the "diamond decade" from "golden decade". China has been asean's largest trading partner for seven consecutive years, and asean has been China's third largest trading partner for five consecutive years.
With the rapid development of china-asean economic and trade cooperation, the demand for talents has been diversified and high-end. More and more students from asean countries come to China, not only to learn the language itself, but also major in economics, finance and international trade. Many of them are active in the fields of bilateral trade, investment and tourism.
"An Indonesian student from our school was hired by a local hotel as a deputy general manager when he came back from school." Chen guichao, assistant principal of guilin tourism college, told the newspaper that the school received 160 asean students in 2015. As the tourism industry is the pillar industry of many asean countries, with the arrival of a large number of Chinese tourists, senior tourism talents with Chinese language and cultural background are very popular.
Southeast Asia has been an important hub of the maritime silk road since ancient times. Along with the advancement of "area", the old railway, China railway, and high iron and other large projects in promoting industrial level of asean countries increased at the same time, also create new jobs.
In the context of global integration, education has a unique mission in the process of promoting One Belt And One Road, said CAI xiande, President of Raman university in Malaysia. The construction of One Belt And One Road requires a large number of professional talents, which puts forward new requirements for education development of countries along the routes.
Let more people benefit from education exchanges and cooperation.
Also in the beginning of the school year, wu hongjuan, a volunteer teacher from China, dragged her suitcase for the first time to teach at shunhua foreign languages university in central Vietnam. "I am from guangxi, and my hometown is closer to the asean countries," she told the newspaper. I will carefully teach my Vietnamese students to learn Chinese and become the ambassadors of china-vietnam friendship and china-asean friendship. Speaking of this, wu hongjuan, who was on the stage for the first time, said that the pressure was very high, but she was very motivated.
Thailand's former deputy prime minister, Thailand in power, Mr Lang west, the association's chairman, said the people-to-people and cultural exchanges have become a highlight of relations between China and asean, and the two sides is an important component of the friendly relations and cooperation. We should strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges and continue to promote and deepen the friendly and cooperative relations between China and asean countries.
As the china-asean education communication annual work consultation was held in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this year, the curtain of the china-asean education exchange year was opened. Based on the design education exchange years and is expected to nearly 300 event will be held throughout the year, major cities throughout China and asean countries, let both sides more people a chance to benefit from the exchanges and cooperation in education.
In addition to organizing the face-to-face exchanges between young people in China and asean countries, China and asean have also mapped the future education cooperation. China will set up a china-asean maritime silk road scholarship and will provide 1,000 scholarships to the 10 asean countries next year. In August this year, the second china-asean education ministerial roundtable was held in guiyang, China, and adopted the china-asean education cooperation action plan (2016-2020). This is the first education exchange and cooperation plan between China and asean, covering basic education, education, professional education, student exchange, think tank cooperation and other fields.
From the case to the practical, from single to two-way, the top design, from the folk spontaneous to china-asean education exchanges and cooperation is closer to the hearts of the younger generation, promote cultural exchanges between the two sides level, strengthen friendly public opinion based on both sides.
In the first half of this year, guangxi university of electronic science and technology recruited nearly 500 students from asean countries. Dong huihua, a teacher at the school's international student administration center, is often busy at four or five in the morning. Dong Huihua in an interview with our reporter said that an increasing number of asean countries students to China to study life, close to experience China, reading Chinese, as the younger generation, they will become the most active to promote the development of china-asean relations continue factor.
Two-way communication education vigorous development, China and asean are provide more intelligence support for the development of bilateral relations and personnel support, will also be jointly build closer between China and asean fate make important contributions to the community.


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