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The current education system in Vietnam is not optimistic.越南

Author: Time:2018-01-23 13:58 Source:未知
In this paper:据越南媒体报道,业内人士对越南现行的教育体系提出了批评。专家指出,现行教育体系不合理,落后于时代的发展。有些看起来是现时生活的需要,但是与国家未来的发展需要却不吻合,其他...

Industry insiders have criticized Vietnam's current education system, according to Vietnamese media. Experts point out that the current education system is unreasonable and lags behind the development of The Times. Some seem to be the needs of the current life, but they do not match the development needs of the country in the future. The education system which has been eliminated in other countries still prevails in Vietnam.
Now the education in Vietnam is expanding in scale, but its setting and structure are not scientific, and the need of national economic and social development is not fully taken into account. Education quality is generally not high, and some students' low moral standards are more worrying.
In terms of the setting of basic standards, the whole curriculum and textbooks of the school are not highly professional, and there is a lack of knowledge and skills that many students have to learn after graduation. In the school teaching method, also is to take the examination of rote memorization.
Some people think that the management and operation of education is caused by the improper operation of education. In addition, long-term plans in the field of national education and economic and social development plans, the state management of vocational training and education institutions set up, a lot of new education quality not guaranteed of the university and the university of short-term etc. Are the factor that cannot be ignored.
On the other hand, some experts point out that it is necessary to promote the establishment of private universities, strengthen cooperation with foreign schools and strengthen the autonomous operation of public schools.
The reform of entrance exams for universities and short-term universities is also important. Experts suggest that the national standard for entrance exams can continue, and that the high school graduation test can be canceled, instead of the final academic year's assessment of students' comprehensive abilities.
High school graduation exams should be administered by the provinces, and the university entrance examination and how to admit it should be determined by the universities after the public examination results.
There are also many problems with vocational training. Experts say vocational training schools have increased a lot over the past decade, but they don't match the development of universities and short-term universities. Education quality also cannot meet the needs of industrialization and modernization and the development of international integration.
The talent training program lags behind the development of The Times and lacks the experience of practice and application. Experts say that despite decades of teaching about 200 courses in vocational training schools, only 21 industries can train teachers. Therefore, there is a serious shortage of teachers who can meet the requirements of different industries.
In order to reform education, the national education reform commission, the national advisory body of the prime minister, was required to be responsible for the formulation of the education reform programme. The agency needs experts who are proficient in education, and its members are not representatives of a particular institution, but rather individuals.
In order to ensure the objective position of education in the investigation of education and the development of education, the independence of the national education training department must be guaranteed.


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