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Indonesian girl, I study in Beijing.印尼姑娘我,在北京

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In this paper:我是贝佳珊,是1997年12月25日在印尼出生的,我今年17岁了。我是家里的第三个孩子。我的老爷爷是中国人, 所以有时候我会跟爷爷奶奶说汉语。本来我没有跟家人商量过,说我打算来北...

I am bejiasan, born in Indonesia on December 25, 1997. I am 17 years old. I'm the third child in the family. My grandfather is Chinese, so I sometimes speak Chinese with my grandparents. I didn't discuss it with my family. I said I was going to study Chinese in Beijing. But my grandfather said that learning a foreign language is very useful and can have more opportunities. I hope Chinese can help me find a good job in the future. My parents didn't promise me, but after considering it for a few months, they finally agreed to let me study in China.
On August 28, 2014, I arrived in Beijing. Ah, I've finally arrived in Beijing! I want to know all the places in Beijing. Before I came to China, I was very worried that I would not adapt to China. It would be hard for me to accept some Chinese habits, and I might be lonely because I have no relatives and no friends. But I made up my mind that I would work for my parents, for myself, for my future success.
The joy of learning.
That morning, I went to the Beijing institute of Chinese language and culture to sign up, so I thought there was nothing special about this school. Two weeks later, I went to class the first day, got a new book and met many new friends. There were nine people in our class, seven indonesians, one Thai and one Belgian. At first, I think the junior class five courses too difficult, later, I found, that's because I haven't habit learning system, as well as with new teachers and new friends don't know, more and more, I slowly got used to it, learning is not nervous, I enjoyed from learning more and more happy.
The pleasure of "swimming".
Over the weekend, the school organization we went to visit a lot of places, such as: the Great Wall, the temple of heaven, madame tussauds, the movie's museum, also took us to see the "kung fu legend" performance, these activities to let me know more about the history of China and now, also let I don't feel boring at the weekend.
This semester is coming to an end. I'm looking forward to taking the exam soon. Haha, not because I like the exam very much, but because after the exam, the school will take us to Harbin. I haven't seen snow yet. In Harbin, I'm going to lie down on the snow. I'm going to ski and snowball fights. I want to enjoy the snow.
The joy of eating.
In Beijing, I tasted a lot of delicious food, I especially like to eat Chinese college Simon's restaurants in Beijing, such as dumplings, steamed buns, malatang, etc., composed, three in other places we can enjoy traditional Chinese food, such as pancakes, roast duck, kebabs, barbecue and so on. If you want to go to the environment better and higher quality of service of the restaurant to eat, you can go to the bottom of the sea, fishing, golden tripod restaurant, also can go to a Korean restaurant, can also go to eat western food, that is right choice.
The joy of making friends.
During the holiday, my friends told me that there was an autumn outing, which was four days with teenagers from Indonesia. So I'm not going to attend, because I don't know a person, but then I think the son, I promised to go to this activity, because I have no other plan, 2 it is to think this is a good chance to meet new friends, 3 it is to go to a place I haven't been to, heard that the scenery of the place is very beautiful. To this day, we sit bus took 4 hours to the hotel, a room for two people to live, they are all arranged who and who is my roommate, every room of my roommate is two people don't know. When we got to the room and put down our luggage, we went to the hall. A team about 8 to 10 people, my teammate is nine people, including four boys and five girls, so we got to know each other, they asked me the name, how old, where learning and so on.
We played games with other teammates, and we had lunch together at noon. Play with them every day, have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. The next day we played together to see who knew the history of Indonesia and who spoke the quickest. Is the most tired on the third day, that day we go to climb mountains, this is my first time to climb the mountain, my teammates to climb over, each to A place can play A game to keep going, lost the game, we have to dress up as doraemon or Hitler. In the process of climbing, chatting and playing, my teammates often take selfies or take pictures of each other, so we leave a lot of wonderful pictures.
As soon as we reached the top of the mountain, the road became more and more dangerous. Our friends were tired, and the boys pulled her up, and the girls cheered them on! But in the process of climbing the mountain, we have another task, which is to make an altar with many pieces of wood. This task requires us to help each other, to help each other and to care for others. After we made the altar, we climbed to the top of the mountain step by step. Finally, we reached the top of the mountain. This experience is a priceless treasure.
On the fourth day, we went to long qingxia, and it was very beautiful. We went to see the scenery by boat, took lots of pictures and saw the high cave. The experience with them was unforgettable. Now I meet them at church every week, and I often hang out with them.
I have been studying in Beijing for almost half a year. During this time, I cooked myself, washed my clothes, cleaned my own room, bought things myself, lived independently, and spent nearly half a year in foreign countries freely. I think staying in Beijing this period of time, is one of the most interesting and significant period of time, because I every day is happy, happy to learn Chinese, and happily enjoy independence - I am studying in Beijing, "music"!

我是贝佳珊,是1997年12月25日在印尼出生的,我今年17岁了。我是家里的第三个孩子。我的老爷爷是中国人, 所以有时候我会跟爷爷奶奶说汉语。本来我没有跟家人商量过,说我打算来北京学汉语。但是我的爷爷说,学外语很有用,能有更多的机会,希望将来汉语能帮助我找到个好工作。原来我父母不答应我,但是考虑了几个月后,他们最终同意让我来中国学习了。
那天早上,我去北京华文学院报名,原来我觉得这所学校没什么特别的。两周以后,我第一天去上课,拿到了新书,认识了很多新朋友。 我们的班有九个人,其中七个印尼人、一个泰国人、一个比利时人。刚开始,我觉得初级五班的课程太难了,后来我发现,那是因为我还没习惯学习的系统,还有就是跟新老师和新朋友都不认识,慢慢地我越来越习惯了,学习的时候也不紧张了,我从学习中享受到了越来越多的快乐。
我在北京留学,快半年时间了。这段时间里,我自己做饭,自己洗衣服, 自己打扫房间,自己买东西,自己独立地生活,自由自在地在国外过了近半年的时间。我觉得待在北京的这段时间,是最有意思、最有意义的一段时光,因为我每天都是快乐的——快乐地学习汉语,快乐地享受独立——我“乐”在北京留学!

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