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"I have a photography studio in China."“我在中国有个摄

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In this paper:初见他时是在2014年,有点青涩,皮肤比较黑,稍显成熟。看得出当时他的中文并不太好,话很少,又或许是笔者太过于热情的原因,那一天的见面气氛多少是有些尴尬的。时间过去了一...

When I first met him in 2014, I was a little green, and my skin was dark and slightly mature. I can see that his Chinese was not very good, very few words, or perhaps the reason why I was too enthusiastic, the meeting atmosphere of that day is somewhat awkward. After more than a year, his Chinese language has been very good, his appearance is mature, and he has a bit of a photographer's temperament.
His Chinese name is kong yingji, and his name is junxiu. He is from Thailand. He is currently studying in the Chinese language and literature (tourism) major of guangxi foreign languages institute.
Kong yingji, a Thai student from guangxi international studies university.
Welcome to China.
"Studying abroad is the will of my father and mother, and I also like China. It is a good choice to study in China." When I asked him why he chose to study in China, he replied, very directly and honestly. Aaron mentioned that when he first came to China, he couldn't even speak a complete Chinese language, because he couldn't understand the menu, so he could only watch the pictures and point at the food when eating. But "hello" is a good word.
For his own life, aron has only two hobbies, travel and photography. Because of this, he is very special among the overseas students.
And photography.
"Photography is an indispensable part of life for me, and I enjoy the whole process of photography. My uncle was a photographer. At the age of 16, I had a chance to see him take pictures. He was so handsome that he thought he could do the same. "I went with him every time he was out shooting, and I followed him, and I liked taking pictures," he told me. At the age of 17, I made my own money and bought a camera of my own. Every day since then more fondle admiringly of photography, a study taking pictures with a camera, when you have time to take pictures of the out no matter good or bad, I hope each picture can have their own stories." Compared to other types of photos, aron is better at photographing people, "because people make me feel that the photos have feelings, and the pictures are alive." Aaron said.
With regard to his photography studio in China, Aaron felt that starting his own photography studio in China was a wish he had made with the help of his own efforts and friends. Because of love, all difficulties become motivation.
The studio in China is located near the guangxi foreign language school where he studies, and the studio is called "shangying painting". With the help of friends, the photographic studio is not very big, but the photographic equipment is just as many, mainly for the students in the school to take photos of the personal photo, the certificate, and the graduation photo. Gradually, more and more students in the school to find him taking pictures, we all know that the school has a Thai students open studio, sees a school graduation season there will be some students graduated from the collective photograph ask him for help. And not only in the school, but also in other colleges and universities to do the shooting work, it is a little known. Now that it's graduation season, he's on his way to happiness.
Are said to travel, be sure and friends travel photography, is he in the study abroad life will do, every Chinese holiday or weekend have time, Aaron will together with friends or to the surrounding city tourism in guangxi. Having a group of like-minded friends can also help him to solve the language difficulties and take him to various places in guangxi to travel, which may also be the precious harvest of his studying abroad.
"During the period of study in China, I travelled to many places, such as China, liuzhou, guilin, beihai, fangcheng port, guangzhou Lin, your port, etc., on abroad, also went to Vietnam. I met several foreigners in Vietnam and took pictures with them. Said to one of his favourite place, alon said his favourite beihai weizhou island, it is to go with friends, work there, by the way, there are a lot of moving and laugh, and left a lot of beautiful memories, so he felt weizhou island is he in guangxi have been to many places, the most beautiful.
It's been nearly three years since Aaron came to China. He seems to be playing in the eyes of other people these years. Compared with other foreign students, his study life is indeed much richer, but like many foreign students in China, he is motivated to learn Chinese.
In addition to learning Chinese from Chinese teachers at the university, Aaron is more likely to learn Chinese from his friends. Now he often goes out to work and has no problem with language communication. He can adapt to life in China and work in China. These, he says, are inseparable from the help and encouragement of friends. His micro believe friends now have more than 1000 Chinese, these are all in his learning while working for several years, the accumulation of slowly down the connections, he will be in his small letters in the circle of friends to share with you in Chinese stories in his work and life. For the future, Aaron said he plans to stay in China after graduation, and he feels more courageous and confident.



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