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Chinese companies in myanmar need graduates from China.缅甸的

Author: Time:2018-01-23 14:01 Source:未知
In this paper:几个特区能读到初中毕业的学生,加起来可能还没有中国内地一个县的毕业生多,特区的发展离不开人才,更高层次的教育在目前的情况下,开办似乎不现实,以前老果敢论坛上曾经热...

Can read junior high school students, a few dc together may not have a county in China's graduates, dc development cannot leave the talents, higher level of education in the present case, seems to be unrealistic, before the old bold BBS has been a heated discussion on several things, dc united to build a university, finally, a disagreement because parties from discussion to debate, from arguments to scold, in the end there is no dispute what results, 88 the outbreak of the war, the quarrel had vanished, may also let people see from different points of view, the current situation, even without the threat of war, establish a higher degree of education university does not reality.
Now, as Chinese companies began to big push into Burma, at present, water and electricity, electric power, transportation, oil exploration, mineral exploration, chemical industry and other large enterprises are continuously into Burma, if no accident case, in the next 10 years to 20 years, China and myanmar for large amounts of contract performance, into the country's only national large enterprises in a wide range of industries and companies will reach more than 200, staff will reach more than ten thousand people, these enterprises to enter, finish will drive a large number of proficient in both Chinese and proficient in myanmar and myanmar some important positions demand blowout growth in ethnic minority languages, but also need local labor. In fact, not to mention the future, even now, the Chinese enterprises in myanmar have been deeply affected by the lack of such positions, especially in hydropower construction enterprises.
In October, I went to myanmar for more than a week, concentrated in kunming, met is the construction of several hydropower enterprises several project managers and engineers, in the chat of time, they said the problem, thought that the Chinese people more, find qualified personnel should not be a problem, but now that is a biggest problem, a lot of Chinese in myanmar are not Chinese, or will be in Chinese, can't understand the construction technical language in the documents, which at the time of communication with myanmar, light person communication is difficult, the person that weigh cause project quality accident, although after employment, also selected some translation related to mainland China short-term training for vocational and technical college, in order to increase the understanding of the technical side, but the effect is not ideal, at the same time, the speed of personnel needs to keep pace with, are beginning to restrict the progress.
Therefore, I think that the study and employment of junior high school graduates in the Chinese special district of myanmar can be considered in this regard.
Can contact some of mainland China vocational and technical college, a high school (secondary) and specialist liaison, 4 years of schooling, specifically for the main construction and the development of Chinese enterprises to cultivate professional translation and technical force, the students learned 4 years graduation can directly enter the work in these enterprises, and they understand the main language, also understand Chinese, the most important, after four years of professional system study, the relevant technical data also fluent and accurate translation.
Directional training, because it is so issued by the relevant enterprises to the national procedures aspects is no problem, you can also make full use of China's overseas Chinese to enter oneself for an examination the colleges and universities and vocational schools scores are favorable, such as a scholarship student policy, students in the whole cost during 4 years of study, can make use of various channels, the apportionment as school sponsored some, can decrease, it decreases, can free, free, using state subsidies for students to subsidies, set up a special fund account, accept some sponsorship of enterprise and society, and the SAR government subsidies, four years of study, the entire cost around RMB 40000 / person, through the above four channels share, actually split down the cost of each channel is in 10000 yuan on average.
In addition to these students to enter the Chinese enterprise employment in Burma, one of the most important is that the dc for the future training the backbone industries, to return to dc work, will bring great changes for all aspects of the dc, dc's future development, not only in agriculture, industry, transportation, forestry, tourism, hydroelectricity, chemical industry and so on various aspects to have the talent.
The most important thing is whether the hksar has this idea. Does the mainland have a vocational college that can't make money on these students?
If dc have this idea, we can be fully mobilize and use their relationship, to see if I can reach such counterpart vocational and technical college, many hands make light work, always can find, even for dc transmission of two or three students each year is also good, the students is, d.c., the seeds of the future.
Why I emphasize is vocational and technical college, major is considering the practical need can learn dc technology, college is something in theory, these high school graduates to develop can be left to dc.
Besides vocational and technical college and university two level, can also develop a one-year short-term training without a diploma, now China in myanmar enterprises conveying some Chinese translation to some vocational and technical college training in mainland China is the nature of such but this short-term training is not suitable for junior middle school graduate, some junior high school graduates, after all, the age is too small, you can select, d.c., some of the most advanced workers on-the-job, ranging in age from 20 to 35 years old or so to mainland China vocational and technical college training of professional counterparts.
Think of these temporarily, still have what question hope you net friend complement.


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