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Lao students in yunnan.老挝留学生在云南

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In this paper:中国日报9月8日电(李映青 时文枝) 一张高低床,一个双人衣柜,桌上摆放着两台电脑,阳台上是洗漱台,旁边放着一张小桌子,紧挨着桌子的便是洗手间......屋里整洁有序,一眼扫过去...

China Daily, sept 8 (Reuters) (Li Yingqing language branch) a high and low bed, a double chest, putting two computers on the desk, the balcony is wash gargle, next to a small table, next to the table is the bathroom... The room was clean and orderly, and at a glance it was completely impossible to see that it was a boy's dormitory. There are two foreign students living in the dormitory. One is shi qiang, a foreign student who came from Thailand at the end of August this year. The other is wang shengli, who came from Laos four years ago. In the four years since, wang has rotated four roommates.
In September 2012, just at the end of the northern Lao wu daum race wang of the university entrance exam in the recommendation of the cousin to follow his father's friends report to the yunnan university for nationalities in China, from then on began his life studying in yunnan.
Four years ago, wang shengli, 17, first arrived in yunnan for the first time. Speaking of the first impression of yunnan, wang said with a smile: "compared with Laos, yunnan is not only economically developed, but also has a good climate."
Mr. Wang's father was a government official in the transportation department of udoma, a mother of two sisters, one in Vietnam and one in myanmar. Wang tells a reporter, because my father has a lot of Chinese friends, always want to let him to China to study, to coincide with the college entrance examination had just ended, oneself also conform to the requirements of the yunnan national university admissions, so resolutely to yunnan.
At that time, Chinese was the first hurdle for wang shengli, who came to yunnan for the first time. Four years ago, he read Chinese for a year. In his spare time, he tried to practice Chinese by making friends with Chinese friends. For him, the pronunciation of Chinese and the writing of Chinese characters are the most difficult things. Four years on, wang shengli's Chinese advance by leaps and bounds, zhang kou is mandarin.
Conquer in the second year of language guan wang began a four-year university life, in 2013, he chose to study economics, and economic college students enrolled every day, after class and I went to the library and read with friends or alone in the dormitory self-study.
The life of studying abroad is always rich and colorful. Besides being on time, wang shengli also takes an active part in various campus activities. Every Thursday evening, the Chinese corner of the campus is the best time for him to learn Chinese and make friends. Every weekend, wang shengli will go to the neighborhood to dine or travel with his friends. "Dali is a good place, and I am deeply impressed by the mountains, the erhai lake and the ancient city," wang said with a smile, recalling the trip to Dali in March.
Wang shengli, who came to yunnan, was eager to learn, and became a good student in the eyes of the teacher, and a good example in the eyes of his classmates. He has worked hard and achieved excellent results in his studies, and he has been awarded the scholarship of yunnan government every year since 2013. Today, he is the "monitor" of the Laotian students of yunnan university of nationalities, and he always comes to communication and coordination whenever Laotian students encounter difficulties or problems.
Wang sheng always said that he had grown up in four years. He had no goal, and he was shy and shy. It was not only a challenge but also a transformation for wang, who was given his first job as host at the international college's first welcome party last year.
For the future, wang also wants to continue his postgraduate studies at the national university, and he wants to go back to the civil service or the bank in the future.
In recent years, with the continuous development of China and the promotion of international influence and international image, there are not a few overseas students like wang shengli in various universities in yunnan. Yunnan has become the most populous province in Laos. At present, there are 2176 students from Laos in yunnan province.
As one of the first universities in yunnan province to recruit foreign students and carry out the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, in 2015, the total number of students from yunnan nationalities university reached 2,816, ranking first in yunnan province. Among the full-time foreign students, Laos has a large number of students and is one of the most populous countries. In the first half of 2016, there were 259 full-time students, including 91 students from Laos.
In addition to yunnan ethnic university, there are also a group of Lao students studying in pu 'er. Relying on unique geographical advantages and years of experience in running schools, pu 'er college, the only university in southwest yunnan province, has also become an excellent choice for students studying in Laos. As of July 2016, the school has 166 students from Laos, mainly from the five provinces of northern Laos.
The Laos foreign students, the school mainly taking the training mode of "1 + 4", unified in the first year of learning Chinese, through the Chinese proficiency test (HSK) can choose professional, and then for four years of undergraduate study. In the independent choice of major, the school has opened ten majors including information management, Chinese international, agriculture, and garden.
At the age of 22, su qifu is a junior student in the English department of pu 'er college. In November 2013, after the completion of the college entrance examination, he went to study at pu 'er college in fengshali province in the north of Laos. Su told reporters that studying in China can not only understand different cultures, but also learn Chinese and make friends.
"Yunnan is a good place and I am very happy and happy because I am studying here," he said. If there is a chance in the future, I would like to stay in yunnan for further study.

中国日报9月8日电(李映青 时文枝) 一张高低床,一个双人衣柜,桌上摆放着两台电脑,阳台上是洗漱台,旁边放着一张小桌子,紧挨着桌子的便是洗手间......屋里整洁有序,一眼扫过去完全看不出这是一间男生宿舍。宿舍里住着两个留学生,一个是今年八月底刚从泰国来的留学生石强,另一个便是四年前从老挝来的留学生王胜利。在这的四年里,王胜利一共轮换了四个室友。

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