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Lao "Chinese hot" warming Chinese education is inc

Author: huihui Time:2018-01-23 14:06 Source:未知
In this paper:谈起刚刚开始的新学期,老挝万象寮都公学校长林俊雄最大的烦恼就是招生问题。 这学期申请入读寮都的学生有500多人,但我们只能招收200名,很多人找到我,也没办法,林俊雄对中新...

When it comes to the new semester, Lin junxiong, the headmaster of vientiane, Laos, is the biggest worry about recruitment.
"This term applies to read Lao students have more than 500 people, but we can only recruit 200, many people find me, didn't also the way", lam chun hung on China news agency reporters that too many students want to learn Chinese, and school conditions is limited, it is unable to do this.
At present, there are all kinds of Chinese language school at Lao 8, but even if is one of the largest and most students (nearly 2800 people), teachers (faculty and staff of 168 people) Lao are strongest in Britain, is still unable to fully meet the needs of students learning Chinese.
Chinese education has been incorporated into the national education system in Laos, covering all stages of kindergarten through high school, according to tao ju, vice-principal of liao du public school. In Laos, only 20 percent of Chinese students are Chinese, and the majority of Laotian students are students.
"In addition to perfect teaching equipment and civilian charge standard, the most attract local Lao Lao are college students, is the bilingual (Chinese and Lao) teaching mode", said lam chun hung, along with the development of China, the world increasingly close contacts with China, a big increase in demand for the Chinese people, is also in Laos; To master Chinese is to feel the golden key of employment.
In recent years, economic and trade cooperation between China and Laos has been increasingly advanced, and China has become the largest source of foreign investment and the second largest trading partner of Laos. The kunman highway, the foundation of the old and the old railway, the Laos one communication satellite are officially delivered... Led by a series of major cooperation projects, more and more Chinese enterprises have settled in Laos, which directly stimulated the local labor market.
Laos future media company, head of dragon climbing to the China news agency reporters said, "a lot of Chinese company is equipped with Lao translator, but for the sake of long-term, still wants to hire someone who can speak Chinese Lao employees, because they know more about local conditions, to expand their business in Laos".
In dragon climbing to lead team, mastering Chinese Lao employees about 20% of the total number of local employees, their wages generally at $five hundred to $six hundred, one to two times higher than not of Chinese people.
But in his view, the "Chinese fever" in Laos is not enough and will continue to heat up in the future.
"Lao media companies, the future Chinese staff's gap is still large, and as far as I know, many Chinese companies also face the same problem", dragon climbing, said "every graduation season, to master the Chinese graduates often is fully, this shows that Laos is a large space the potential of Chinese language education."
Longpan's expectation for the future of Chinese education has always been the direction of many people's efforts.
In July, China's first overseas university, the university of suzhou in Laos, welcomed its first 22 graduates. They will use what they have learned to contribute to the economic and social development of Laos and promote the development of Chinese education in Laos. Previously, the Lao su university also set up a Chinese language proficiency test (HSK) test site for Chinese language training.
Students playing near the campus bookstore. Councilor perturbation
At the same time, there is a group of students from Laos who are working hard for the "Chinese dream".
Gong, who is the fourth generation of ethnic Chinese in Laos, is studying Chinese education. His hometown is located in luangnan province, Laos, and Laos is the only state-level port in China.
In August 2015, the two countries signed a brief "Lao boten, China - butyl grinding economic cooperation zone construction overall plan together", marks the Chinese in Laos and the entire southeast Asia the first cross-border economic cooperation zone. At the time, gong's article was heartened by the news.
"The establishment of the cooperation zone, will certainly to hometown economic development bring great opportunities and demand for Chinese will also reached an unprecedented height", gong said article, this strengthened his determination to return home to promote Chinese education.
Among the students in gong's article, there are many others who have similar ideas. Thanks to these "fresh blood", Lao's "Chinese fever" will be even hotter. (after)

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