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Heilongjiang deepened its cooperation and exchanges with Rus

Author: huihui Time:2018-01-23 14:07 Source:未知
In this paper:2002年以来,对俄合作办学在黑龙江高校全面铺开,开启了中俄合作办学,培养高层次、复合型对俄人才的大幕。目前,全省有19所高校与俄罗斯大学合作,招收合作培养学生近5万人,接...

Since 2002, chinese-russian cooperation in running schools in heilongjiang has been fully rolled out, opening up chinese-russian cooperation in running schools, and cultivating high-level and compound talents for Russia. At present, 19 universities in the province have cooperated with Russian universities, recruiting nearly 50,000 students, and receiving the highest number of Russian students in the country.
The friendship between China and Russia has a long history and has an "elbow-like relationship". The unique geographical advantage of heilongjiang has become the "bridgehead" of sino-russian cooperation. The construction of heilongjiang is an important window for China to open to northeast Asia education, and it has been the clear goal and direction of heilongjiang education.
Autumn to the full hills. Since 2002, chinese-russian cooperation in running schools in heilongjiang has been fully rolled out, opening up chinese-russian cooperation in running schools, and cultivating high-level and compound talents for Russia. There are 19 colleges and universities at present, the province's cooperation with Russia university, through the introduction of the teaching material, teaching plan and hire teachers to carry out education, professional cooperation 39, recruiting cooperation nearly 50000 students.
The number of students receiving Russian students is the highest in the country.
From Russian armur state blah GeWeiShen city of qiqihar university junior students in college of international exchange, igor, in October last year due to careless to save the drowning man praised by local residents.
Like igor, many Russian students in China are sentimentally attached to the black land. Russian students currently studying in China, about 15000 people, including more than 3400 people in heilongjiang, quantity the first, in the direction of study involving 11 disciplines such as literature, education, medicine, mainly concentrated in Harbin industrial university and school.
"The advantages of the education cooperation system in heilongjiang province and the superior research conditions are also attracting the attention of Russian universities." In international cooperation and exchanges in heilongjiang province department of education's Zhang Dazhu said, especially in the two countries hosting the "national year", "language" and "youth", to become bigger and stronger in heilongjiang province to Russian education communication provides a good opportunity.
Denise, 40, from Russia, is studying for a PhD in business management at the Harbin Institute of Technology. Since 2001, he has been working in Harbin Institute of Technology for language practice, learning Chinese and teaching in detention. "I was infected by the strong learning and academic atmosphere of the school," he said. "I was the favorite of my heart."
Northeast agricultural university, in 1996, was the first in the country to carry out chinese-russian cooperation in running schools, with 30 students from the khabarovsk national technical university. At present, the northeast agricultural university has cultivated more than 1,000 Russian students, sent over 1,500 students to Russia, and trained a large number of outstanding talents for the cooperation between China and Russia in various fields.
True sense is the happiness of being a teacher in Russia.
2014 is the 10th anniversary of Confucius institute. At present, heilongjiang has set up six overseas Confucius institutes, including three in Russia, which are distributed in Vladivostok, gongqing city and blagoveshchensk.
Heihe college, located on the border between China and Russia, is a regular institution of higher learning and is known as the "hub" of sino-russian education cooperation. Since 1989, the college has been engaged in communication with Russia. Nearly 3,000 students have gone abroad to study and experience Russian culture. At present, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with more than 10 Russian universities such as blagoveshchensk national normal university.
Zhang hang, a teacher at heihe college, taught at the Confucius institute of national normal university in blagochensk in 2012, and served as the teaching task of the zero-starting class. The class has junior high school students and retired senior citizens. "Don't let any students left behind", patience, aerial class class tutoring seriously, and students become good friends, won the high praise by the Russian side in September 2014 was awarded the title "the world's most beautiful Chinese teacher", become the Confucius institute in Russia, the only person to receive the honor.
In the summer of 2014, the first sino-russian expo in Harbin, heilongjiang province implemented a content rich, bright course of sino-russian university President BBS six to Russian education activities, such as the seven universities in heilongjiang province and Russia university 31 docking talks, signed 10, 20, cooperation intention on the steps, to promote the cooperation of Russian education level.
Zhang xiaotong, a Slavic language institute at Harbin normal university, is a practitioner of this cooperation. She was sent as a volunteer teacher to the Confucius institute at amur national humanities normal university. "In the days with Russian students, I really felt the happiness of being a teacher, and I didn't feel tired after working hard." "Zhang said.
China and Russia cooperate to train and reserve talents.
"' complementary advantages, resource sharing, common development, in line with this principle, the heilongjiang province to Russian education exchange work has achieved remarkable results, not only in teaching, scientific research, the exchange of teachers and students, fruitful cooperation in running schools, etc. That also enhance mutual understanding and friendship." Yin xiaolan, deputy director of heilongjiang provincial education department said.
"The friendship between China and Russia is great, and the future will be better," said xu xiangwei, a graduate student at heilongjiang university of traditional Chinese medicine and a student of the practice in Russia. In the summer of 2014, the school first sent 10 students from the amur national medical school to the other school to conduct clinical practice and cultural exchange, and xu xiangwei, who was the monitor of the Russian and Chinese students, gained a lot.
In 2014, all kinds of education organizations in heilongjiang province recruited 308 long-term experts, which proved to be a strong case of "introduction". "Heilongjiang university has a long history of Russian teaching, and we can feel this advantage profoundly in the course of communication and teaching between Chinese and Russian colleges." Professor scherbo, from the university of Novosibirsk and now professor of physics at black university, said.
It is the mission of the sino-russian college of heilongjiang university to train and reserve talents for the future cooperation between China and Russia. Dean xu-jie jia said the school adhere to the conduct of the innovative talents training mode and the double reform of ideological and political education mode, cultivate love the motherland, firm faith, good moral character, professional, has a "Chinese heart" of "Russia".


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