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3-year University Scholarship ADW 三年大学奖学金 ADW

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Scholarship ⅠScholarship Ⅱproblem solving

ADW Enrollment Brochure of Three-year university Scholarship in 2019
I . Enrollment Plans
Enrollment specialty: Nursing, traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and tuina), rehabilitation, midwifery.
Enrollment number:40
II . Admission Requirements:
i. Graduating from high school;
ii. Ages from 18 to 22;
iii. be in good health, excellent performance;
ivChinese language professionally trained;
v. Certain economic ability for living expenses during the period of studies.
III. Educational system
Educational system: Three years in junior college;
If courses and graduation thesis are qualified for graduation, the Diploma with Chinese and English version will be delivered to the graduates;
Communicate in Chinese or English
Three year mainly focus on specialized course;
The students will enter the school on September, 2019.
IV. Expenditure and Scholarship:

Charging item Paid-in amount Remark Column
1 First prize No tuition, no dorm fee, no book fee Paid by scholarship
2 Second prize No tuition,no book fee,pay dorm fee 1000RMB/year Paid by scholarship
3 Third prize tuition+ dorm fee =3000RMB/year  
4 Physical Check 300 RMB Submit to the
Governmental organizer
5 Residence Permit 400 RMB/year
6 Insurance 600 RMB/year
Note School canteen is available all day Students shall be responsible for the cost of living.
VI、Application and Admission
i. The applicant shall apply at www.lslsy.cn, VIP channels are preferred. Documents required include: Photocopy of valid passport; Photocopy of high school diploma or school certificate; Photo; Photocopy of study score sheet; Physical examination form (English and Chinese version ); Overseas Student Application Form.
ii. After examination and approval, photos of school admission notice will be sent to students, and students shall pay 2500 RMB for service fee.
iii. The original copy of Admission Notice Letter (English and Chinese version ) and JW202 application Visa form will be sent to applicant;
iv. With all documents received, applicant will apply for visa at the Chinese embassy and report to the university on time.
Subject to the official documents of the school
ADW 2019留学中国江苏3年大学招生简章
2.招生人数:   40  人
收费项目 实收金额 备注
1 一等奖 免学费,免宿舍费,免书本费 由奖学金交纳
2 二等奖 免学费,免书本费,收宿舍费1000RMB/年 由奖学金交纳
3 三等奖 学费+宿舍费=3000RMB/年  
4 一次性体检费 300 RMB/一次 政府规定收取
5 外国人居住证 400 RMB/年
6 留学生保险 600 RMB/年

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